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Chinese radio brand to expand overseas Sandaokan

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Brand is the life, the implementation of brand strategy has become in many enterprises in market competition to win the key. Brand competition of radio constantly leap, but in the face of overseas markets, our brand is very much far, our walkie-talkie brand promotion over at least the following three hurdle.

Scale, establish a majestic corporate image

Quanzhou is the hometown of country radio, but in more than 50 manufacturing enterprises in Quanzhou, the registered capital of the enterprise are not many tens of millions of small-scale itself is synonymous with the brand is not strong, it can not work with Motorola, Hytera so tall image of the competition.

Scale is an important factor in a brand name, not the scale not known, there is no influence, there is no solid base, so that no market share. Quanzhou walkie-talkie number of species are many, but in the country are insufficient recognition in the global context and no one knows. In contrast HYT brand after years of hard work, in the country has a certain influence. Quanzhou enterprises to expand the scale has been discussed for a long time, but the company is still in scattered, small, chaotic phenomena, companies in the integration of resources to be further strengthened. Encourage enterprises to joint stock reform, to regulate the management, integration of social funds go force acoustic communication Corporations'earnings days Exchange traded way, are a substantial scale behavior measures, our strength is the walkie-talkie brand to go out prerequisite for participation in international competition.

Enhance the core competitiveness, and worked hard hard work

Observe the appearance of the world's leading enterprise products, open the enclosure, and then carefully analyze every detail of the product structure, you will find that the company's products are usually well-known appearance of color harmony, feel good, the internal structure is compact, easy assembly and disassembly, product indicators strict control box pass rate, compared with domestic products, targets strict, clear screen appearance, scratches occur often. If a visit to some of the processing plant, many companies without the appearance of the effective control of operating instructions, the product may be over, but of course can be let go, the whole quality system were random, loose, sometimes just as qualified external publicity it; in staff turnover when the new employees are not trained, do not examine the application of the phenomenon brought to the production line quality accidents constantly; an affordable device to accept the premise of the authentication device applications are often overlooked, and so on. These acts are so product quality can not be a qualitative leap. An effective, reliable, sustainable quality system demonstrates the company's brand, visit the company's Hytera production line you will find that the product every process has effective measures to ensure, including staff good or bad mood, emotion fluctuations, recent performance will be considered in the production station. Quality is made out of, rather than propaganda out.

R & D level is low, the lack of technical superiority is the radio industry, a "weakness." Given many domestic enterprises have not established formal radio research and development institutions, and the consequences derived from the lack of technical content is most brands do not have international competitiveness. No core technology, development and innovation ability, the low proportion of sales of new products, lack of spiritual, artistic, ideological, and cultural needs and performance, the lack of distinctive character of the Chinese nation, and many brands of radio production is often not based on self- on the basis of intellectual property rights, but to rely on foreign technology and equipment for the production, in the introduction process, mainly money and effort for hardware equipment and production lines imported, ignoring patents and proprietary technology introduction, the lack of a system for the introduction of technology integration, integrated innovation. No formation of independent intellectual property rights of technology systems, not their core products, core markets and core technology, will seriously affect the brutal international competition.

Only worked hard these hard power, in order to enhance the core competitiveness in order to make their products in the international market increased probability of being selected.

Minimize wasteful competition, respect for the value of their labor

In recent years, sales of domestic radio observation is not difficult to find, intercom homogeneity, product features small, sales outlets everywhere. Nationwide walkie-talkie significant excess production capacity, actual production capacity in the market several times, which causes a vicious competition. Its outstanding performance is the price war, you lower me less. These practices implemented as an uncooperative friction, is the internal fighting, fighting is the result of plummeting prices overall walkie-talkie, the network marketing difficulties. What is more, some companies put a price war hit go overseas, resulting in our products at a low price in the overseas can only win the competition, this competition is the negation of the value of labor itself, is a strong corporate brand damage, and the results a "duck dogs fight, play off," is contrary to enter the overseas market strategy and misfits.

Overseas market objective, grim, Chinese enterprises must be brave intercom above three big bucket, surly from the enterprise development, production, quality start, create a brand image of the tall and actively participate in overseas market competition!