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Market Perspective: Digital radio industry market prospects

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Digital radio in China has a vast market, but has not been since the rational development. A series of national policies, to pave the way for the development of digital radio.

Market prospects

Market is the relationship between the development of the first digital radio is an important issue. Digital radio should have a reasonable, allowing users to accept the price, that is a good value for money. Compare our radio broad market: many professional departments can not build digital trunking communication network, such as the majority of the grassroots departments and units, they work less space, fewer staff, but the demand for communication services and high functionality. In this case, the digital radio to be a good choice. In addition, small and medium sized airports, small ports, railway stations, the national grid, coal, oil and gas fields, construction sites and other digital radio is a typical application areas.

According to the Ministry of Railways said the person, although the railway has been determined using the GSM-R system, but there are a lot of units, stations digital radio communication equipment required. Public security and armed police believe that digital trunking communication network is usually in large, urban construction, a lot of work at the grassroots level and remote areas, who can only use digital radio communications. In fact, not only the above-mentioned departments need to use these digital radio. The country has nearly 160 civil airports (to 2020 will be increased to 240 or so), conditional build digital trunking communication network is only a few dozen, mostly small-scale, flight airport just to have less to meet the requirements of digital radio . In addition, the country more than 160 ports in a similar situation and civil aviation.

Policies to promote market

September 13, 2007 Ministry of Information Industry has issued a letter no letter [2007] No. 81 document "on the release" RF digital radio system equipment technical requirements "(Trial) notice", although this is a trial document, but At that time also makes digital radio start-up and development of rules to follow it.

This file determines the index number of radio frequency is applied to 137MHz ~ 167MHz, 403MHz ~ 425MHz and 915MHz ~ 917MHz and the use of three bands 12.5kHz and 6.25kHz two channel spacing, the former TDMA2 slot, the latter FDMA (Single Road). In fact, when the document issued by the type approval of SRRC only a dozen models of digital radio, mainly Motorola, Kenwood and Icom three foreign companies a variety of digital radio products, while domestic production was digital radio only two.

However, in support of national policy, the domestic digital radio machine development, production, chips, and software development are successively moving up. Such as Tsinghua University launched our self-developed "sub-band sinusoidal excitation linear prediction (SELP)" voice codecs series (including 2.4kb / s, 1.2kb / s and 600b / s) has matured.

Through continuous research, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Radio Authority on December 12, 2009 and released the official Ministry of Industry and Information Technology No [2009] No. 666 document, "the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on 150MHz400MHz band radio frequency planning and dedicated Using the Administration notice of the matter. "

Walkie-talkie is our last one mobile communication system from analog to digital systems. Secretary in the Ministry of Radio Administration Xie Feibo a digital radio forum has pointed out: "Although digital radio market is much smaller than the 3G, but it's social benefits and status is very important." He specifically highlighted against the snow , earthquake specialized mobile communication play an important role. Xie Feibo that because the radio getting lower and lower prices, more and more users. Therefore, the walkie-talkie on civil aviation, military aircraft and railway interference occur frequently, which has attracted the attention of the General Secretary Hu Jintao. Stable digital radio must be done again stable, reliable and then reliable. Not only to consider the market, but also consider safety.