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3,000 attendees from the industry CARTES in Asia 3012 in Hong Kong

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In the April 5, 2012. Nearly 2,800 spectators attended last week's CARTES in Asia with 115 exhibitors and 72 speakers for zero reject disengagement, focusing on near-field communication technology and contactless applications, electronic transactions and electronic banking, mobile payment, authentication and government security services management, radio frequency identification technology and physical interconnection. CARTES in Asia exhibition and conference on 28 March 2012 to 29 in Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo was successfully held.

From 23 countries, respectively, in the third Asian exhibitors CARTES in Asia-Pacific policy makers to showcase their smart card applications and solutions. And have a chance to meet separately from mainland China, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan 55 countries, banking and payments, security and smart card industries 2,270 visitors. Mainland China on the day the delegation led by Qingdao Municipal Economic and Information Technology Committee attended CARTES in Asia to find solutions to achieve smart cities projects in Qingdao.

Swiss exhibitors, deputy director of operations of the public sector Christof Stutz means: "Since 2010, we have been involved in each session CARTES in Asia, we manufacture and supply polycarbonate Hong Kong and Macau electronic passport data page and since 2003 in Hong Kong to use electronic identity cards in addition to the products supplied by our government, we also demonstrated the EMV certified bank payment chip products. Asian intelligence card exhibition is a perfect platform for us to reach existing Customers and potential customers for the new showcase our products for our expanding customer base in Asia, and we plan to continue participating next year. "

The two-day summit of Asian smart card by six from Gemalto, Oberthur Technologies, China Union Pay, Ingenico and Watchdata's top executives discuss a customer-centric focus on retail payments value chain.

Followed by the summit was the announcement of the winners of the Asian Sesame Award. Sesame Awards honor is awarded to the most innovative in the Asia-Pacific market intelligence products and software. With them from China Watchdata excellent near-field communication technology SIMpass-SC, won the grand prize of the most special yet. Watchdata's spokesman said: "The ability for our business partners and customers in this industry to provide safe, reliable and cost-effective solutions are delighted Watchdata the past five years has been constantly improving mobile payment functionality to study, and thus gain recognition software for this function are happy. SIMpass-SC software is technically a mobile payment significant improvement, but we are able to new areas of the industry are honored for their contribution. "

Watchdata added: "CARTES in Asia for our customers to provide access opportunities for Hong Kong and Asia and we are very pleased to be able to recognize a lot of potential customers, if we have new product releases will definitely participate again."

CARTES in Asia director, Isabelle Alfano said: "We in last week's CARTES in Asia witnessed a lot of new exhibitors, including China Unicom, Ingenico and Oberthur with existing exhibitors include HID Global, Trub, Watchdata and Zebra Technologies. We also welcome from China and France in order to develop its small and medium sized exhibitors in Asia Pacific business.